Grant Policy

Eligible Organizations must comply with the following criteria:

· Must be an entity targeting an unmet demand or opportunity for a product or service in line with our Charter for Sustainability; potential for growth in green jobs and investment; that promotes g-localization.
· Must have audited Financial statements for two consecutive fiscal years, or a business plan backed-up by the needed smart-capital.
· Must have prior contact with any Aireko Foundation board member or its director of projects.

Current Primary Investments of the Foundation are:

· Sustainable Forestry in Puerto Rico.
· Sustainable Urban Affordable Housing in Puerto Rico.
· Eco-Touristic Modules in the Caribbean.
· Efficient and Clean Energy in the Caribbean.

The current four primary areas of investments and other commitments occupy 100% of the present Aireko Foundation financial and management capacity. Other commitments include funding for scholarship grants and other non-profit endeavors in Puerto Rico. All of these commitments include “in-kind collaborative agreements” with recipients to obtain knowledge or resources that support our primary investment efforts and our mission.

In the future, as additional resources are available in the Foundation this grant solicitation criteria will be revised and grant solicitation forms may be posted. Until then we reserve the right to modify this policy.