Two enterprising engineers in Puerto Rico’s south coast city of Ponce founded Aireko in 1963.

The onset of Puerto Rico’s  industrialization in the 1960’s included Ponce’s new petrochemical complex and electronics manufacturing plants alongside the centuries old sugar cane plantations, mills and rum production facilities. Aireko quickly grew general and mechanical construction services as it developed the local construction the local construction talent that the high-tech manufacturing investments required to reliably build and maintain its production facilities..

Aireko Foundation mission and the Aireko enterprises operating principles share the same foundation values of Aireko’s early years. Think and act with Integrity, the people always first whether clients or employees. Keep your promises. Be enterprising, be a leader, grow. Acquire multidisciplinary knowledge and capabilities. Build and strengthen our community.

This Aireko heritage, now more carefully articulated, taught and formally measured with in Aireko Enterprises and embodied in its Total Compliance operating culture is also a keystone for the Aireko Foundations Charter and its quest for leadership in Sustainable Social, Environmental and Economic Impact Investment.

Josen Rossi and his spouse, Maria Eugenia, created Aireko Foundation in 2001 to reinvest a part of Aireko enterprises profits towards charity in a more structured manner. In the early years, the Foundation’s traditional philanthropy focused on scholarship programs for talented high school students from needy families, and the preferred social causes of Aireko customers and collaborators.

The Foundation’s charter has evolved over time, more in tune now with Puerto Rico’s pressing needs to wards initiaves and institutionality that sustain  Social, Economical and Environmental progress. Our mission as an investor and catalyst agent is now executed through investments in good business models of sustainability, with robust management and governance that can perform with measurable success in “triple bottom line” results or the  balanced scorecard of “People-Planet-Profits” net positive impacts.