Aireko Foundation’s mission and Aireko enterprises operating principles today share the same foundational values of Aireko’s early years in the 1960,s. Think and act with Integrity; put the safety and health of people first; Keep your promises; Be enterprising, be a leader, grow sustainably; Develop multidisciplinary knowledge and capabilities; Build and strengthen our community.

This longstanding Aireko cultural and ethical heritage, is embodied in Aireko Foundations mission since it emerged in the year 2000, as well as in its “for profit”affiliates in the Aireko Companies operating from Caguas Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and Central America and in Mid-Atlantic U.S.A region from its head office in Norristown PA.

We share with you in this website some of our good intentions and mission put into action with a vision of leadership in Sustainable Social, Environmental and Economic Impact Investment in Puerto Rico and Central America. We also invite you to explore how our Aireko Companies (www.aireko.com) unique Total Compliance operating culture, multidisciplinary knowledge, and enterprising hands-on leadership provide a robust set of market tested skills and capabilities from which Aireko Foundation and our allies benefit as needed.