Our Charter

Aireko Foundation’s Vision is that Puerto Ricans develop and sustain leading organizations and enterprising initiatives recognized in and outside Puerto Rico for their sustainability.

Our mission is to promote the development of individuals, businesses and non-governmental organizations in a measurable and sustainable manner in Puerto Rico, in order to achieve positive social, economic and environmental change. We value and support education, charity, entrepreneurship and solidarity, integrated with a dynamic search for sustainability.

The Foundation sponsors or invests in the following manners, with these objectives:

 a) Projects were our investment catalyzes organizations, new enterprises processes, or content that promotes g-localization, global interest and investment in a sustainable Puerto Rico.

 b) Provide technical assistance, coordinate existing knowledge, and provide materials and services, in exchange for a commitment to improve sustainable economic and environmental practices that measurably foster the wellbeing of the community, staring with our children.

 c) Sponsoring established Institutions with proven programs for development and support of talented, hardworking students with limited economic resources in exchange for the student’s or the Institutions commitment to put our Vision and Mission into action in some measurable way.